FANUC A06B-0318-B042

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  • A06B0318B042 24 hour repair possible
  • Fault diagnosis, testing on 20S/300 ALPHA.
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Fanuc A06B-0318-B042 Model 20S/3000 AC Servo Motor. Stats for this 20S/3000 motor are the following: 23Nm TRQ, 33 Amp, 3 phase 122V, 3000RPM motor no brake, with straight shaft, keyed A06B0318B042#7008 or not keyed A06B0318B042#7000, or maybe special waterproof seals and any combination off.

The A06B0318B042 Model 20S/3000 motor is fitted on larger machine tools manufactured during FANUC transition from FANUC S series motors, of which the 20S/3000 model was one of the last to ALPHA series drives and motors. DNC offers used 3000 rpm 20S motors and in some cases may have new motors for exchange or outright sale. Encoder feedback on the FANUC A06B-0318 model 20S/3000 series Servo includes; incremental, absolute and serial.

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