DNC currently stocks hundreds of red cap Fanuc servo motor AC red cap models. Dating from 1984 through to S series & L series servo models to the mid 1990’s succeeded by the a servo motors. Fanuc have sold well in excess of 5 million AC servo motors. Motors covered in this section include the following Models: 2-0 / 2-0S / 2-0SP, 1-0 / 1-0S / 1-0SP 0 / 0S, 5 / 5S, 10 / 10S, 20 / 20S, 30 / 30S, etc.
Of these there are variations of different shaft such as Straight / Tapered, Key and non keyed, with or without brake, INC, ABS, SER encoder feedback, and speed rating such as 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000 RPM. DNC offers 12 month warranty on AC servo motors.