FANUC A06B-0126-B077

  • ALPHA A06B0126B077 motor in stock
  • Same Day test / 24 hour repair turnaround
  • Model aC6/2000, taper, aI64K INC
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Fanuc A06B-0126-B077 AC Servo Motor. This alpha c6/2000 series motor ratings are the following: 0.6kW, 6Nm TRQ, max speed 2000 rpm. Fitted with a tapered keyed shaft, and standard seals, and an ALPHA incremental I64K encoder. These motors started out as the lower end option for least powerful drives on the machines; however in a bizarre change about over the years are now the rarest of the ALPHA 6 series, inclusive of the a6/2000 and a6/3000 servo motors. These aC6/2000 motors were normally found with small single axes amplifiers or with equally small triple channel amplifiers such as Type A, Type B and late version motors even found with FSSB varients. Though commonly found with SVMC and triple axis servo amplifier modules.

DNC offer new and used refurbished motors with warranty on an exchange basis (assuming in stock). Testing, fault diagnosis, rebuild and repair of the A06B0126B077 is possible, including encoder, bearings, new seals, shafts, front and end shields and more. Further rewind services are possible; though normally its more cost effective to go down the exchange route and leave us to rewind your bad windings at our leasure. If you are unsure about the fault either on the motor or the drive; or between consult our Fanuc servo amplifier alarms.

Contact us at DNC for prices and availability on A06B-0126-B077.

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