FANUC A06B-0128-B584

  • AC A06B0128B584 Servo Motor
  • A06B-0128-B584#7008 is keyed version
  • Model a6/3000, Straight, Serial
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Fanuc A06B-0128-B584 a6/3000 Servo Motors. This ALPHA motor series stats are the following: 0.6 KW, 6Nm TRQ, 10 Amp, 3 phase 114V @ 200Hz, Max 3000 RPM. This motor was fitted with a straight shaft (non keyed as standard), standard seals and SERIAL A encoder. These motors with SERIAL encoder feedback allowed them to run with late non ALPHA drive series such as the A06B-6066 series of amplifiers and fitted on various machines possibly where there was an overstock of drives or motors, etc.

DNC offer A06B0128B584 as exchange (stocks permitting), and full repair and testing facilities for the a6/3000 servo motors. We can offer rebuilds, rewinds, completely overhaul the motor usually with 24 hours.

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