FANUC A06B-0148-B177

  • a22/3000 Servo Motor.
  • Straight Shaft, Brake, aI64K, Key/No key
  • A06B0148B177#7008
  • A06B0148B177#7075
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Fanuc A06B-0148-B177 model a22/3000 Servo Motor. This ALPHA motor series stats are the following: 3.8kW, 22Nm TRQ, 19 Amp, 3 phase 157V @ 200Hz, Max 3000 RPM. Fitted with a straight shaft with 90VDC brake and with key or no key designated by the suffix after # number i.e. #7008. This motor will have standard seals or IP67 seals with a designation of #7075 or #7076 dependent on whether motor has a key. We have all options. The ALPHA 22/3000 series motors were fitted on larger CNC machine tools; this version with brake fitted on the vertical or slanted axis. Normally this drive runs with 6079/6096 and 6089 series ALPHA amplifier modules and servo units.

DNC offer new and used refurbished motors with a 12 month warranty on an exchange basis (assuming in stock). In some instances at DNC we have surplus stock of these 0148 series motors that can sold on an outright basis. Contact us to find out more about pricing on both exchange or surplus sale.

Further we offer same day / 24 hour testing, fault diagnosis, rebuild and repair of the A06B0148B177 motors. Including, but not exclusively encoder testing and replacement, bearings, new seals, shafts, front and end shields and more. If required we can offer rewind services on a 7-10 day turnaround. Though at this point we would always suggest an exchange as it will work out at a comparable price and available on the day of enquiry or inspection. Regardless contact us for further information.

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