FANUC A06B-0169-B577

  • ALPHA A06B0169B577 Servo Motor
  • Same Day / 24 Hour Repair Possible
  • Model aM50/3000, Tapered



Fanuc A06B-0169-B577 Servo Motor. This alpha model aM50/3000 motor series has the following electrical rating: 10kW, 65Nm stall torque, 200Hz with maxumum rpm of 3000. The motor has a tapered and keyed shaft with standard seals.

We offer full testing facilities for this motor and associated drives such as the 6079 or 6096 servo amplifiers. Full refurbishment including motor rewinds, bearings and encoder replacement, clean and reseal services and much more. Contact us for more information on your A06B0169B577 motor.

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