FANUC A860-0360-T021

  • ALPHA Red ABS encoder
  • Models a1-a2.5 series with Bx76
  • Fault diagnosis, testing available.
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Fanuc A860-0360-T021 aA64 Encoder. This aA64 encoder is the latest version of the 0360 series of encoders for small Fanuc AC servo motors. Normally found on a variety of motors; normally with the suffix Bx76; and models a1, a2/2000, a2/3000, a2.5/3000 with the same body size.

DNC offer exchange A8600360T021 absolute encoders for your servo motor, as well offering inspection and fault testing and diagnosis. Due to the way Fanuc has manufactured these encoders, they are infrequently repairable. If you are unsure whether your Fanuc Alpha motor or your aA64K encoder is faulty ship the ALPHA motor or the encoder to us for inspection.


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