FANUC A06B-1502-B103

  • ALPHA i A06B1502B103 Spindle motor
  • 24 hour test & repair possible
  • Model aiL1/10000HV, keyed
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Fanuc A06B-1502-B103 ALPHA iL1/10000HV Spindle Motors. Motor plate states: S1 (continuous) 1.5kW; S2 (15 mins) 2.2kW; S3 (90%) 2.2kW @ 3000 – 10000 RPM. This motor is a high voltage, with single winding motor and a straight keyed shaft, mounted onto the machine tool via its flange.

This A06B1502B103 motor from the Fanuc ail1/10000HV Series AC spindle motor range is fitted with non-standard ALPHA i spindle feedback. This motor will run with many series high voltage spindle amplifiers such as the A06B-6290 series and controls such as late 0i-MD/0i-TD or 31i controlled machines. DNC offer limited facilities for this motor including testing, rebuild, rewind, repair, overhaul, etc.

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