Fanuc Spindle motor. Various models of Fanuc AC spindle motors from very early black cap AC spindle motors from the 07xx and the 10xx series, through the S / P and I series motors of the 072x, 073x, 074x, 075x, 076x spindle motor models with various sensor feedback such as B, BZ, or CZ. Onto the ALPHA series spindle motor modules such as the a1, a2, a3, a6, a8, a12, a15, a18, a22, a30, a40, a50 with variations for speed rating and both 200VAC and and less common high voltage HV 400VAC versions. Lastly on the ALPHA i and the BETA i P series AC spindle motors. DNC carries substantial stocks of FANUC AC spindle motors including a large stock of motors fitted on various Cincinnati machine tools.

DNC Also offer testing and Fanuc motor repair facilities using in-house built FANUC test rigs. Allowing us to make sure that we have resolved the underlying fault with your motor. Becuase of the windings being down, bearing issues, oil ingression, bad sensor feedback, etc. Warranty on all FANUC AC spindle motor service whether EXCHANGE or REPAIR / REFURB is 12 months.

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