FANUC A02B-0098-B512

  • Series 0-TTC
  • Yang, Mori Seiki, Makino



Fanuc A02B-0098-B512 Basic Unit. This is the backplate number that has a variety of Fanuc 0 model C or Zero C TT control systems. Including series 0-TTC being part of the larger series 0-C. The master PCB is then screwed onto this backplate and all the peripheral PCB’s are then fitted onto the master with the minimum being a PSU, memory PCB, axes PCB, I/O PCB.

We do not supply complete controls – wouldn’t it be great if we could offer an out the box 0-TTC too sit in place of your current problem control system. If you require the complete control maybe look at retrofit options with your local CNC service engineer. However we do carry thousands of 0-C series main boards and peripheral or additional cards such as SUB CPU.

If you do require the complete control system or repair of your A02B0098B512 then contact us to go through all the options.

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