Fanuc Series 0-C / 0-D / 0-F
Fanuc Series 0-C Control or the FS-0C series of control boards is the last generation of the 0 series, and a massive success spanning from 1991 to today in its current 0iC version. The 0C boards below include main master boards, 0C memory boards, axis boards, I/O and graphics as well as others. The Fanuc system 0-C is different to earlier 0-A and 0-B controls, in the fact, that the system is built around a backplane approach rather than, the main board supporting graphics, axis, some i/o, the 0-C passes all thes functions onto its Memory board, axes pcb, i/o cards, pmc and graphics driver boards. Furthermore, listed are common FS-0C monitors, power supply units, keyboards and membranes. Fanuc 0C controls, include the Fanuc 0MC, 0TC, 0MD, 0TD, 0MF, 0TF are the basic systems with normally mono 9″ monitor, though colour is possible. DNC offer 0C board exchange, extensive FS-0C system repair and testing, new parts – such as fuses, and used surplus boards and units from the Fanuc 0C control system.