FANUC A20B-2000-0180

  • FANUC 0-C Master Board
  • 32 main PCB (full size 7/8th axis)
  • FS-0MC, FS-0TTC, FS-0MD, FS-0TTD
  • A20B20000180 Exchange / Repair



Fanuc A20B-2000-0180 Series 0-C Master PCB is the forth generation full size of the Fanuc 0 series C controls. The system designation is Fanuc 0MC, 0TC, 0MD, 0TD and the masterboard unlike the other 0 series main boards uses peripheral PCB such as memory, axes, i/o and controls them across a bus plane (backplane). However this master does all the main system processing unlike the 15 controls. The A20B-2000-0180 has peripheral boards plug into it, unlike the basic 0-C configuration this system can have additional 5th/6th and 7th/8th digital or serial controller PCB’s with their corresponding SUB-CPU axis controls. DNC offer a variety of services for the A20B-2000-0180 – Call for Prices. Exchange, Repair, Testing and used sometimes ex-stock surplus spares are available on A20B-2000-0180 mother boards. DNC always have stock of the A20B-2000-0180.

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