FANUC A16B-1010-0141

  • 10A Master Board Analog
  • FS10M, FS10T Test and Repair
  • MAIN PCB Exchange in stock
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Fanuc A16B-1010-0141 Series 10 Master PCB. This is the first generation of the Fanuc 10E Main Boards. The system designation is Fanuc 10M, 10TF and come with the facilities to drive 3 or 4 axis and 1 spindle if all LSI chips are present. However its normal for 3 or 4 LSI’s to be fitted, the board itself can drive simple 9″ monochrome graphics if the BAC processor is fitted or 12 or 14″ inch colour if FAPT, etc. Fitted with no F/O link and can be part of A02B0072B504 Basic Unit with the input unit plugged into the master PCB. The A16B10100141 comes with a built-on memory on the master board. FAPT, colour graphics and additional Memory Boards can be fitted, peripheral plug in I/O and external input output boards are also available if the master is not the problem.

DNC offer a variety of services for the this Masterboard contact us for prices and services. Testing facilities, repair and if in stock exchange A16B10100141 mother boards.

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