Fanuc System 10 Control Boards or the FS-10 series of main control boards, analog and digital systems, graphic boards, axis boards, input output systems and other Fanuc 10 parts such as keyboards and membranes for the various Fanuc 10 MDI/CRT and operator panels assuming they are Fanuc. Fanuc 10 controls, include the Fanuc 10A, 10M, 10T, 10P, 10G, 10E, 10MF, 10TE, 10TF, 10TTF, systems with a 9″ mono, 12″ and 14″ colour graphics and CRT monitors, as well as I/O connection unit for OP with and without FO fibre optic communication and on-board power supplies if not directly plug in to the master boards. Incorporated into Fanuc 10 controls some of the color systems fitted with FAPT and additional CAP CPU memory, as well as additional axis boards and other more uncommon boards. DNC offer Exchange, Repair, New parts, Used surplus for a massive range of the entire Fanuc 10 control system.

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