FANUC A16B-1010-0321

  • Fanuc 10 Digital Master Board (3rd Gen)
  • FS-10TF, FS-10M, FS-10TTF digital
  • A16B10100321 Exchange / Repair
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Fanuc A16B-1010-0321 Series 10 F Master PCB is the last generation of the digital series 10. The system designation is Fanuc 10MF, 10TF, and differs from analog masters, as it no longer drives axis from the Main Board. Using separate / peripheral axis cards indexed into the digital drive control feedback that this 10 control system facilitates. The A16B10100321 is normally a FAPT based system, hence 12 inch and 14 inch colour monitors dependent on graphics PCB fitted. This board comes with fibre optic FO link to the input output system and/or the graphics board. Using a ROM RAM and PC cassette for storing opts/params/plc and programs, etc.

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