FANUC A16B-1211-0430

  • Analog 5th / 6th axis PCB
  • Additional Axis Board for 10.
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Fanuc A16B-1210-0430 Axis Board. This PCB 2 Add.Axs additional analogue controller PCB for the Fanuc 10 CNC. The A16B-1210-0430 is a peripheral PCB allow the control to accommodate 5th and 6th axis control for twin turret lathes, and 5 axis machining centres. Also known as the GE Fanuc A16B-1210-0430 this board is non-surface mount PCB, and was fitted on the analog versions of the Fanuc 10 and less frequently the Fanuc 11 control system interfacing the 1st generation of Fanuc AC Axis Drive, and last DC velocity control unit namely the M series units 6047 / 6050, respectively. This board was fitted on 10-M, 10-T, 10-MF, 10-TF, 10-TTF, pre the coming of the digital Fanuc 10, Fanuc 11 and the Fanuc 0-B for larger and more sophisticated machining. DNC offer a full service for the A16B-1210-0430 2 Axis Board, including exchange to save money, testing and repair of the Add.axs control board and the 10 control system.

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