• FANUC Graphic Board
  • A20B1000800 fits on SYSTEM 10 / 11
  • 9″ driver for CRT/MDI unit
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Fanuc A20B-1000-0800 Graphic Board. This GRP pcb is for 9 inch monochrome CRT displays fitted on FANUC System 10 & 11 CNC controls. This PCB is normally fitted on the CRT/MDI section on the frame next to the monitor.

DNC always have the A20B10000800 and its siblings boards the 0802 as well the 14″ graphic drive pcb’s 0850 and 0852 in stock. DNC offer a full service for the A20B10000800 graphics driver board. Services include exchange to save money, testing and repair of the GRP video board with testing in one of our FANUC 10 or 11 controls. Surplus spares are stock dependent – contact us for further information.

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