FANUC A16B-2201-0360

  • System 15B Main CPU card
  • Series 15-MB, 15-TB
  • Supplied with NO smd modules.
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Fanuc A16B-2201-0360 MAIN CPU board. Fitted on Fanuc series 15-B control variants. This main card has many SMD modules plugged in which dictate what capacity and facilities the 15-B and ultimately the machine is capable off. As well as storing the system memory, limited axis control and programs; relying on seperate PMC ladder board.

The A16B22010360 main board is capable of running up to 6 axes and be part of a considerably larger machining cell of CNC machines. DNC offer a warranty if 180 days on Fanuc 15-B main boards. This board is supplied with no SMD modules, as these are MTM specific.


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