FANUC A86L-0001-0125

  • Keyboard MDI/CRT 42 keys (soft)
  • Alternate P/N N86D-3117-R010/01
  • Fujitsu number N860-3117-T001
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Fanuc A86L-0001-0125 CRT/MDI Keyboard. This 42 key keyboard (requires soft keysheet membrane cover) is fitted on small CRT/MDI units with Fanuc monitor displays such as the A61L-0001-0086 or the A61L-0001-0092. The 00010125 is a near square key pad mounted too the right of the 9 inch mono or colour CRT on small sized CRT/MDI panels. Systems include Fanuc 0-MA, 0-TA, 0-MB, 0-TB, F0-Mate, FANUC 0 etc.

DNC offers exchange, testing facilities and in the unlikely event of no exchange stock available can offer same day / 24 hour turnaround repair and testing services for this keyboard. Please note the A86L00010125 and the A86L-0001-0125#A are NOT interchangeable.

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