FANUC A02B-0236-B618

  • 16i-MA Control Hitachi Seicos
  • 10.4″ Colour LCD i Series
  • Fault find, Testing & Repair



Fanuc A02B-0236-B618 Control. This GE Fanuc series 16i-MA system is a varient for the Hitachi Seicos CNC machine tool range. Similar to the 18i/21i its based around the A20B-8100-013x  master and has a A20B-3300-0170 CPU processor. This unit is configured to run 4 axis control, while running 4 simultaneously with single or dual spindles.

DNC does not offer the complete control, as the part number is generic. The system configuration has far more specifications beyond the A02B part number (except for specially numbered 16i systems). However we do supply the masterboards, power supply, LCD panels, SRAM/DRAM/DIMM modules, FSSB, CPU boards and devices. Don’t forget we can test this control and fault find and repair it; as well back it up on our servers for your future needs.

If you do require the complete control system or repair of your A02B0236B618 then contact us to go through all the options we can offer.

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