Fanuc ALPHA i power supply module are in stock. DNC carry extensive stocks of Fanuc aiPS power supply modules from the 1st generation of 6110 aiPS / PSMi,  6115 aiR or PSMRi, and the high voltage 400VAC 6120 series aiPS-HV. Powering both aiSP spindle amplifiers and aiSV servo drives. The next generation released had extra comms connection and basically replaced the earlier modules, except the 6115 series. Onto the latest modules on release where are the 62xx series of ai power supply modules named servo modules on the label. Covering the 200VAC 6200 series power modules and the 400VAC high voltage 6250 power supplies which allow CNC machine tool manufacturers in the UK to forgoe the use of transformers, etc. DNC offers testing facilities for most aiPS power supply modules and as mentioned large stocks and same day, next day urgent aiPS repair capability for modules not in stock.

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