Current Projects at DNC

Tornos Swiss Machine Rebuild.

Partial rebuild of fire damaged tornos swiss turning machine. Sitting in the corner waiting for inspiration!

3D Printing (Prototypes) & 3D Resin Printing.

Assessing 3D viability of FDM type printers for various projects and Resin printers using Ultimaker and Photocentric machines amongst others.

Refurbing our conventional machinery.

Lathes, miller, router, bank saw and more need a thourough workover. On the horizon.

New power supply replacement

A new power supply for old internal psu fitted in servo amplifers that has become a major problem due to literally falling apart. Engineers are busy working out a viable solution.

New display solutions

A shift in direction due to supplier issues. Our systems and monitor guys are working on a long term alternative.

Build a new mechatronics section from Scratch

Due to taking on a mechatronics apprentice; our current area is far too small for Health & Saftey and has evolved over the last 15 years and needs far more space. So it will go into its own 2800 sq feet building dedicated too everything mechanical.