Fanuc System 5 Series. No longer supported.

DNC Electronics announces with regret that as of today, January 18th 2022; the ceasation of support, repair or any service for System 5 series controls, pcbs and associated parts. Including Fanuc 5A, 5B systems on mills 5M and lathes 5T.

Fanuc released the system 5 in 1976; making it upto 45 years old. Its been a long run with the Fanuc system 5 at DNC as we have been repairing various system 5 controls since the 1990’s. As an 8 bit control system using two section main cards cabled together to function collectively as one master board; it is the precursor to later controls.

We have disassembled our 5M and 5T test rigs and discarded all of the section A and section B boards.