GE Parts NOT Supported

GE PARTS no longer supported

DNC Electronics regretfully advise as of today, 21st April 2017, that we will no longer support General Electric CNC products. With immediate effect all GE parts have been discontinued. This includes services available for the following product. GE 1050 (both 1050HL and 1050HLX controllers), GE 2000 controls (all versions that we have dealt) with. Lastly all series of GE Hi-AK axis drives.

GE discontinued the 2000 control and the GE Hi-AK axis drive controllers and got together with FANUC to form GE FANUC to sell CNC controls and parts in the AMERICAs and EUROPE.

We appreciate your past custom for GE parts bought from ourselves over the last 20+ years and apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. Please contact us if you require the details of another company who do still support GE.

Discontinued Parts

  • GE 1050 Control PCBs
  • GE 2000 Control PCBs
  • GE Hi-Ak Axis Drives

GE 1050 PSU. GE parts discontinuedGE 2000 Control. GE parts discontinued