Locate FANUC Part Numbers

Where to locate FANUC part numbers

Take a look at our guide below.

locate fanuc part numbers

The actual location of the part number of FANUC parts is in one of the following locations (part dependent). Any problems contact us for further information.

Locate FANUC part numbers on FANUC SYSTEMS

Series 0 (Zero) Model A/B/C/D/F The part number is located along the top edge of the Mother Board
System 10, 11, 15A Part number is at the top left corner of the master pcb
Series 16A/B/C, 18A/B/C, 21A/B Part number is located along the right hand side of the plastic chasiss. Or main board numbers on the bottom at the front./
Series 16i, 18i, 21i controls. The part number is located on the plastic cover on the back of the LCD/MDI. If standalone then same as 16/18/21 control
Series 0i Model B/C Similar to the 16/18/21i controls.
PCB Printed Circuit Boards For PCBs that mount to a master PCB or backplane PCB, the part number will often be on a white barcode sticker. This is stuck to the top of a yellow plastic frame on the PCB.
If the prefix is A320 or A350 then the number will be on the other side of the PCB.
Power Supply Units & I/P Units Modular PSU’s had part numbers on the bottom of the front panel. Black PSU’s on the side. Metal on tags on the mounting plate.


AC Spindle Drives (anodized) and VCU Part number is obscured on the bottom of the back plate of the drive that mounts to the machine.
Servo and Spindle Drives (Yellow open frame) For those drives with the exposed circuit boards, the number is on the bottom of the Amplifer
Drive PCB (pre-alpha/beta) On the top end of the boards, normally along the edge. Although sometimes in the centre to the left near control pad.
C Series, α SVU and α SVU-C Enclosed in yellow plastic case with grey swing cap for terminal bank. The number is usually located on the right side of the case
ALPHA Series, PSM, SPM, SVM type The part number is located on the top cap where the DC bus link runs. Or the bottom cap for incoming/outgoing 3ph
BETA Series, βSVU & βiSVSP Part number is on the front of the case at the top right.

Locating part numbers on FANUC MOTORS

All Motors On the main body of the motor usaully on the side of the power and encoder, or terminal box

Locating part numbers on FANUC MONITORS & PANELS

CRT/MDI, LCD/MDI, PDP  On the back either at the bottom or to the side
Operator Panel  Similar to the
CRT Monitors The part number sticker is usually found on the inside bottom panel of Fanuc 12 & 14″ monitors. On the outside of left or right hand metal frame of all the other manufacturers that we deal with.

If you are having problems identifying the part number or struggling to locate the part number give us a call.