FANUC A06B-6140-H011

  • aiPS-11 power module in stock!
  • Same Day / 24 hour repair possible
  • Fault diagnosis, testing on PSM-11i
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Fanuc A06B-6140-H011 ai Power Supply Module. Rated at 13.8kW this is one of the small ALPHA i series power modules. Carrying the designation aiPS-11. Normally driving similarly rated ai spindle amplifier module and smaller single/dual or triple axis servo amplifiers. Unless this is a secondary power supply module too a larger module; then likely this is fitted on a small CNC machine tool. This drive has A16B-2203-0641 as a wiring board and A16B-2100-039x control board spec.

The A06B-6140-H011 is in stock available on service exchange basis. However at DNC we offer extensive inspection, test and repair services if time (24 hour repair turnaround) is not as important as the cost of exchange drives. Further stocking Daito fuses and Fuji transistor modules for companies and individuals whom wish to purchase.

If you have landed on the incorrect page please click on the following highlighted text for other ai Power Supply index or ALPHA modules; or click on the following link to check out alarm codes on ALPHA i series power supply modules: Fanuc aiPS-11 power supply module alarms

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