FANUC A06B-0266-B200

  • ALPHA i HV A06B0266B200 servo motor
  • Fault diagnosis and testing available.
  • Model a22/4000HVis, Straight KEYED
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Fanuc A06B-0266-B200 ALPHA Servo Motor. This aiS22/4000HV motor series stats are: 4.5KW – 22Nm TRQ, 16 Amp, 270V @ 200Hz, with maximum RPM of 4000. This motor has a straight shaft with keyway, standard seals and an i1000 incremental encoder fitted.

We offer either exchange on this A06B0266B200 servo motor. Other services available include extensive testing on windings, encoder and test in our rigs with the appropriate aiSV high voltage servo amplifier module. Contact us about our testing fault diagnosis and repair services available today backed by our 12 month warranty. If the motor is not an issue then we can also test/repair and exchange your servo drive.

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