FANUC A06B-0128-B089

  • ALPHA a6/3000 servo motor
  • Fitted with Absolute 1M
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Fanuc A06B-0128-B089 a6/3000 Servo Motor. This ALPHA motor is a very late version of the a6/3000 series and is fitted with an aA1000 absolute pulse coder. The same motor ratings as the rest of the series: 6Nm TRQ, 10 Amp, 3 phase 114V @ 200Hz, max 300 RPM. Fitted with a tapered shaft as standard with key, no brake and can be fitted with standard IP44 rated shaft seals or with IP67 shaft seals denoted by various #70xx numbers after the standard A06B-0xxx-Bxxx.

This motor is fitted with an absolute aA1000 encoder and is not always available due to the rareness of the encoder. DNC offers many different services for ALPHA servo motors including the A06B0128B089 model AC motors. Including bench testing of encoder, electrical testing of the windings, mechanical issues as well repair, rewind, rebuild, refurbish and overhaul the motor with new bearings, encoder, windings, end and near shield, shaft, seals, connectors and much more all with a 12 month warranty.

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