FANUC A860-0360-V501

  • Fits on Alpha Model 3, 6, 12, 22, 30, etc
  • Special Version of the aA64K
  • Fault diagnosis, testing available.
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Fanuc A860-0360-V501 Encoder. These ALPHA absolute encoders fit on Fanuc Alpha series servo motors. These encoders are not fitted with a built in cable, allowing easy replacement of encoder. Fittted on series model a3, a6, a12, a22, a30, a40 and variations such as aC, aM, aL, etc. Stocks are moderate on these encoders and hence availability changes day by day; as we require encoders to repair motors, etc.

DNC offer exchange A8600360V501 encoders for your servo motor, as well can offer testing for fault diagnosis. Due to the way Fanuc has manufactured these encoders, they are very seldom repairable. If you are unsure whether your Fanuc Alpha motor or your aA64K encoder is faulty ship the ALPHA motor to us for inspection and test.

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