FANUC A860-2005-T301

  • ALPHA i A8602005T301
  • For ai Servo Motors
  • aiI1000 Incremental
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Fanuc A860-2005-T301 ALPHA i encoder. These aiI1000 encoders fit on Fanuc ai series servo motors. From series model ai2/4000 on wards, thru ai4, ai8, ai12, ai22, ai30, ai40 and all the speed variations of incremental ALPHA i servo motors. Stocks are always low on this particular type of Fanuc encoder and hence availability changes day by day; as we require encoders to repair motors, etc.

DNC offer exchange A8602005T301 incremental encoders for your servo motor. Further we can also offer fault testing and diagnosis, via our static testing machine and then onto our 0i-MC, 0i-MD, or 31i-MA test rigs dependent on whats available. Due to the way Fanuc has manufactured these encoders, they are very seldom repairable – regardless of the many claims that you find from other companies. If you are unsure whether your Fanuc servo motor or your a1000iI encoder is faulty ship the motor to us for inspection and test.

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