FANUC FANUC A20B-0006-0640

  • FANUC 5 CMOS Board 4K / 8K
  • Memory FS5, FS5M, FS5T
  • A20B00060640 Exchange
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Fanuc A20B-0006-0640 CMOS based Fanuc program storage and editing board with variable size between 4Kb and 8Kb defendant on the revision of the board and the chip set and system installed. The A20B-0006-0640 memory board allowed the Fanuc Section A main PCB A20B-0003-0744 to operate and with the other parts of the Fanuc 5M or 5T control system, managed the CNC automation of the machine. DNC offer a limited service for the A20B00060640 memory board, including exchange to save money, and surplus spares if stock permitting. DNC are slowly shutting down the Fanuc 5 test rig, as demand for parts for this 1970’s control have dwindled over the last decade.

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