Testing Fanuc BETA I/O Link unit


Fanuc Beta I/O Link Unit

Its been a long time coming and we at DNC have had to refuse work over the years on the Fanuc BETA I/O link units due to no testing facilities. That’s just changed….

We have the pleasure to announce that we can now test the BETA I/O link and bi I/O link interface on Fanuc BETA servo units. This has long been a restraint for our testing on the BETA servo’s. Up till then we could test A06B-6093-H10x, A06B-6093-H11x, A06B-6134-Hxxx, A06B-6164-Hxxx, A06B-6165-Hxxx versions of BETA drives. Still being the case and we are looking to offer more testing facilities for later 6320 series combo drives in the near future. Any faults on these units consult our Fanuc alarm pages

Now we can also add to the above series and interface types the following: A06B-6093-H15x, A06B-6093-H17x, and A06B-6132-H00x.

Units included: A06B-6093-H151, A06B-6093-H152, A06B-6093-H153, A06B-6093-H154, A06B-6093-H171, A06B-6093-H172, A06B-6132-H002, A06B-6132-H003 and A06B-6132-H004.

Exchange and repair of these FANUC BETA I/O Link drives and the rest of the BETA series servo amplifier units and combination units bi SVSP or SVPM carry 180 day warranty. If new BETA servo amps are in stock then 12 month warranty.

Contact us for more information regarding your Fanuc BETA unit requirements.