FANUC Power Supply Replacement

DNC offer equiavlent replacement Fanuc power supply units. Outright DNC replacements are offered for A14B-0061-B001, A14B-0067-B001 and either outright or new exchange for A16B-1212-0950, A14B-0061-B002 and A14B-0067-B002.

All DNC replacement power supply units carry 2 year warranty. Priced at £795 GBP for outright sale. If new exchange = £595 GBP + deposit (cannot be ordered online).

  • A14B-0061-B001 equiv. DNCB001 (outright only)
  • A14B-0061-B002 equiv. DNCB002
  • A14B-0067-B001 equiv. DNCB001 (outright only)
  • A14B-0067-B002 equiv. DNCB002
  • A16B-1212-0950 equiv. DNC950

We also offer replacement Fanuc monitors.

For any Fanuc power supply replacement or any other Fanuc parts requirements contact us for availability and price.


Testing Fanuc BETA I/O Link unit

Fanuc Beta I/O Link Unit

Its been a long time coming and we at DNC have had to refuse work over the years on the Fanuc BETA I/O link units due to no testing facilities. That’s just changed….

We have the pleasure to announce that we can now test the BETA I/O link and bi I/O link interface on Fanuc BETA servo units. This has long been a restraint for our testing on the BETA servo’s. Up till then we could test A06B-6093-H10x, A06B-6093-H11x, A06B-6134-Hxxx, A06B-6164-Hxxx, A06B-6165-Hxxx versions of BETA drives. Still being the case and we are looking to offer more testing facilities for later 6320 series combo drives in the near future. Any faults on these units consult our Fanuc alarm pages

Now we can also add to the above series and interface types the following: A06B-6093-H15x, A06B-6093-H17x, and A06B-6132-H00x.

Units included: A06B-6093-H151, A06B-6093-H152, A06B-6093-H154, A06B-6093-H171, A06B-6093-H172, A06B-6132-H002 and A06B-6132-H003.

Exchange and repair of these FANUC BETA I/O Link drives and the rest of the BETA series servo amplifier units and combination units bi SVSP or SVPM carry 180 day warranty. If new BETA servo amps are in stock then 12 month warranty.

Contact us for more information regarding your Fanuc BETA unit requirements.

5 Reasons To Buy Refurbished CNC Parts


refurbished cnc parts


Benefits of buying refurbished CNC parts in the infographic.

AvaliabilityWith thousands of parts in stock, lots of refurbished CNC parts in stock are available on a next day shipping. Indeed if really urgent you are welcome to arrange a same day collection. A same day/24 hour repair is also available on non stock items . Contact us today!
Save MoneyBuy from DNC Electronics and save 30-80% on refurbished CNC parts. No product development costs are involved because main components are reused. Therefore big savings are made and are passed onto the customer.
QualityAll refurbished CNC Parts go through an extensive cleaning process. All worn or damaged components are replaced. Units are tested to ensure they are of a like new quality. For peace of mind DNC Electronics offer a range of warranties on all refurbished parts.
Environmentally FriendlyRefurbished= Recycling. As a result you save energy and conserve raw materials.
Avoid High Replacement CostsPurchasing new can cost. Above all quality may not be as good.


The Benefits of Industry Apprenticeships

dnc electronic apprenticeships

Industry apprenticeships and the levy

With a target of three million apprenticeships to meet between 2015 and 2020, the government has introduced its apprenticeship levy. For businesses with a wage bill of more than £3 million, contributions will equal 0.5 percent of their salary bill.

The amount of UK businesses affected by the apprenticeships levy will be in the region of 2%. It is hoped that the levy will encourage businesses to invest in apprenticeship’s when otherwise they may not have. For every £1 businesses pay into a ‘digital’ apprenticeship levy fund they get a top up of 10 pence from the government. This allows businesses to then fund their own apprenticeship schemes.

Businesses (SMEs) not affected by the levy will also benefit from the new scheme. For them funding will be made available through unused levy funds (those over 18 months old).

The hope is that the levy will encourage those who may not have hired an apprentice to do so. The levy will also put employers in charge of their own training. This in turn should push the quality of apprenticeships up.

Current Statistics

Industry apprenticeships still however face an uphill struggle…. Whilst there has been an increase of 24% in apprenticeships numbers versus a 2% in Graduates, apprenticeships are still failing to be attractive young people. Recent uptake numbers are still too low.

Figures for 2015/2016 show that whilst apprenticeships stood at more than 500k (with approx. 78.5k apprenticeships being in Engineering and Manufacturing.) Unfilled vacancies for skilled workers for the same period were at the 200k.

So why are Apprenticeships still struggling to attract young people?

  • There has always been a problem with perception for starters. Apprenticeships tend to bring less prestige than a university education and are often thought of as the poor relation to a degree.
  • A lot of schools and colleges (and parents) are still pushing the University route.
  • It is not widely recognised that higher apprenticeships are on par with foundation degrees. Some even bachelor.
  • Apprenticeship types not widely publicised.
  • Overall a general lack of information.

The NCFE carried out a survey across 2000 parents with school age children in March 2016 . See the result from the survey below.

statistics on NCFESo, what are the benefits if any of an apprenticeship?

For young people

  • Apprenticeships give young people the opportunity to learn. They gain a nationally recognised qualification while getting a weekly wage.
  • Starting at both general and advanced levels they cover a wide range of skills. The kind of work will depend on the size of the company as well as its specialisations.

For employers

  • Matched to the company’s future needs an apprenticeship ensures that the correct skills are developed. This allows for filling any skills gaps. Sourcing future managers and leaders from within.

Apprenticeships at DNC Electronics

DNC Electronics currently employ two apprentices. They have really seen how investing in their training can offset the skills shortage by both improving labour supply and improving retention rates.

We spoke with one of DNC Electronics current apprentices and asked them how they ended up on the apprenticeship programme.

With both a Father and Brother being in the industry they always knew that they wanted to do something in engineering but didn’t quite know what. Having left school with 14 GCSE’s  they started a BTEC Level 3 Engineering course at Swindon College before their tutor suggested that they may want to think about doing an apprenticeship.

With help from Swindon College, they were able to take part in some work experience to ensure this was the correct route to take with this leading to successfully securing the apprenticeship at DNC Electronics. They have since completed their BTEC and started an NVQ Level 3 in Electronics and PLC (programmable logic controls­) at Swindon College.

With support from DNC Electronics, they have also had the opportunity to undertake (in addition to the above) a BTEC Level 4 HNC Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Newbury College.  This course is offered via a day release programme, and they are nearing the completion of the first year of the two-year course.

On completion, students benefit from having a nationally recognised qualification that offers career progression for those already in employment. Students may progress to an HND or further related study at a higher level.

So why did they choose to go down the route of an apprenticeship?

They believe that an apprenticeship offers the best route into work . It allows you to continue learning but also to start earning some money.

What next?

Following completion of the HNC they hope to progress their knowledge further and complete the HND offered by Newbury College. This they believe will allow them to stay focussed. Improving their work based skills and quality of work. From there our previous apprentice is completing his degree in electronics at UWE.

More information on apprenticeships and the areas of engineering apprenticeships are available in can be found here.

GE Parts NOT Supported

GE PARTS no longer supported

DNC Electronics regretfully advise as of today, 21st April 2017, that we will no longer support General Electric CNC products. With immediate effect all GE parts have been discontinued. This includes services available for the following product. GE 1050 (both 1050HL and 1050HLX controllers), GE 2000 controls (all versions that we have dealt) with. Lastly all series of GE Hi-AK axis drives.

GE discontinued the 2000 control and the GE Hi-AK axis drive controllers and got together with FANUC to form GE FANUC to sell CNC controls and parts in the AMERICAs and EUROPE.

We appreciate your past custom for GE parts bought from ourselves over the last 20+ years and apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. Please contact us if you require the details of another company who do still support GE.

Discontinued Parts

  • GE 1050 Control PCBs
  • GE 2000 Control PCBs
  • GE Hi-Ak Axis Drives

GE 1050 PSU. GE parts discontinuedGE 2000 Control. GE parts discontinued

GEC Gemdrive Axis Controller. No Support

GEC Gemdrive Axis Controller

DNC Electronics announce with deep regret that as of today, April 21st, 2017, they will be unable to support any requests for services previously offered relating to the GEC Gemdrive Axis Controller. This includes the Mk.1 Mk.2, Mk.2S, Mk.2SB, range from 15A, 27A, 30A, 45A, 60A, 90A.

GEC discontinued the Gemdrive Axis Controllers pre-1990. Until then DNC had offered limited parts and service for the GEC Gemdrive. We can confirm that we no longer support or supply these or any other type of GEC Industrial parts.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

About GEC

GEC General Electric Company (later to become GEC industrial products Ltd) were at one point the UK’s largest engineering company. GEC produced a huge range of engineered products and various services to the manufacturing industries around the world.

GEC gemdrive axis controller