FANUC Motor (series lists)

Fanuc MotorsFANUC of Japan have produced over 15 million FANUC motors. DNC has a dedicated Fanuc motor engineer purely working with FANUC servo and AC spindle motors with purpose build FANUC systems and FANUC drives systems to test, inspect, diagnose, rebuild, rewind, clean, overhaul, replace motor components, and lastly paint. DNC offer exchange on 1000’s of different motors, repair services on 10’s of thousands of FANUC motors. This list below is our series of supported FANUC MOTOR models.

FANUC Alpha Servo Motor Series

A06B-0101 – Model aE1/3000
A06B-0102 – Model aE6/3000
A06B-0121 – Model a3/2000
A06B-0123 – Model a3/3000
A06B-0126 – Model aC6/2000
A06B-0127 – Model a6/2000
A06B-0128 – Model a6/3000
A06B-0141 – Model aC12/2000
A06B-0142 – Model a12/2000
A06B-0143 – Model a12/3000
A06B-0145 – Model aC22/1500
A06B-0146 – Model a22/1500
A06B-0147 – Model a22/2000
A06B-0148 – Model a22/3000
A06B-0151 – Model aC30/1200
A06B-0152 – Model a30/2000
A06B-0153 – Model a30/3000
A06B-0157 – Model a40/2000
A06B-0158 – Model a40/2000FAN
A06B-0161 – Model aM3/3000
A06B-0162 – Model aM6/3000
A06B-0163 – Model aM9/3000
A06B-0166 – Model aM30/3000
A06B-0172 – Model a6/3000HV
A06B-0176 – Model a12/3000HV
A06B-0178 – Model a30/3000HV
A06B-0185 – Model aM22/3000
A06B-0186 – Model aM30/3000
A06B-0371 – Model a1/3000
A06B-0372 – Model a2/2000
A06B-0373 – Model a2/3000
A06B-0377 – Model aM2.5/3000

FANUC ai Servo Motor Series

A06B-0205 – Model aiF2/5000
A06B-0212 – Model aiS2/5000
A06B-0213 – Model aiS2/5000HV
A06B-0215 – Model aiS4/5000
A06B-0216 – Model a4/5000HVi
A06B-0218 – Model aiS2/6000
A06B-0223 – Model ai4/4000
A06B-0229 – Model ai8/3000HV
A06B-0235 – Model aM8/4000i
A06B-0239 – Model aiS12/4000HV
A06B-0243 – Model a12/3000i
A06B-0247 – Model a22/3000i
A06B-0253 – Model aiF30/3000
A06B-0257 – Model aiF40/3000
A06B-0265 – Model a22/4000iS
A06B-0266 – Model a22/4000HV iS
A06B-0267 – Model a30/3000iS
A06B-0269 – Model a30/4000HV iS
A06B-0273 – Model a40/4000HVi

FANUC AC Servo Motor Series

A06B-0310 – Model 2-0S
A06B-0312 – Model 1-0S
A06B-0313 – Model 0S
A06B-0314 – Model 5S
A06B-0315 – Model 10S
A06B-0317 – Model 10S/3000
A06B-0318 – Model 20S/3000
A06B-0371 – Model 2-0SP
A06B-0372 – Model 1-0SP
A06B-0373 – Model 1-0SP/3000
A06B-0374 – Model 0-0SP/3000
A06B-0501 – Model 10
A06B-0502 – Model 20S
A06B-0503 – Model 30
A06B-0505 – Model 20S/1500
A06B-0506 – Model 30/2000
A06B-0512 – Model 5S
A06B-0513 – Model 0S
A06B-0514 – Model 5S/3000
A06B-0516 – Model 5S/1500
A06B-0521 – Model 2-0
A06B-0522 – Model 1-0
A06B-0562 – Model 5L

FANUC Beta Servo Motor

A06B-0031 – Model B1/3000
A06B-0032 – Model B2/3000
A06B-0033 – Model B3/3000
A06B-0034 – Model B6/2000
A06B-0061 – Model B2/4000iS
A06B-0063 – Model BiS4/4000
A06B-0078 – Model B12/3000is
A06B-0085 – Model biS22/3000
A06B-0113 – Model b0.5/3000

FANUC Alpha Spindle Motor Series

A06B-0827 – Model aP15
A06B-0828 – Model aP18
A06B-0829 – Model aP22
A06B-0830 – Model aP30
A06B-0831 – Model aP40
A06B-0840 – Model aC1
A06B-0842 – Model aC2
A06B-0845 – Model aC8
A06B-0850 – Model a1
A06B-0851 – Model a1.5
A06B-0852 – Model a2
A06B-0853 – Model a3
A06B-0854 – Model a6
A06B-0855 – Model a8
A06B-0856 – Model a12
A06B-0857 – Model a15
A06B-0858 – Model a18
A06B-0859 – Model a22
A06B-0866 – Model a0.5

FANUC AC Spindle Motor Series

A06B-0709 – Model 18
A06B-0710 – Model 22
A06B-0725 – Model 8P
A06B-0726 – Model 12P
A06B-0727 – Model 15P
A06B-0728 – Model 18P
A06B-0729 – Model 22P
A06B-0743 – Model 3I
A06B-0744 – Model 6I
A06B-0753 – Model 3S
A06B-0754 – Model 6S
A06B-0755 – Model 8S
A06B-0756 – Model 12S
A06B-0757 – Model 15S
A06B-0758 – Model 18S
A06B-0759 – Model 22S
A06B-1003 – Model 3
A06B-1006 – Model 6
A06B-1008 – Model 8

FANUC Ai Spindle Motor series

A06B-1401 – Model a0.5/10000i
A06B-1405 – Model a3/10000i
A06B-1407 – Model a18/8000i
A06B-1408 – Model a12/7000i
A06B-1413 – Model a40/6000i
A06B-1428 – Model aiL12/12000
A06B-1437 – Model aC8/8000i
A06B-1443 – Model a18/6000i
A06B-1447 – Model biL/7000
A06B-1452 – Model aiP/6000i
A06B-1483 – Model aiL1.5/8000
A06B-1501 – Model a1/10000HVi
A06B-1502 – Model aiL1/10000HV
A06B-1511 – Model aiL22/7000HV
A06B-1577 – Model a8/15000HV iT

FANUC DC Axis Motor Series

A06B-0632 – Model 00M
A06B-0641 – Model 0M
A06B-0642 – Model 5M
A06B-0651 – Model 10M
A06B-0652 – Model 20M
A06B-0653 – Model 30M

FANUC Motor models @ DNC

DNC constantly try to improve testing facilities for FANUC motor models. Either in increasing the differing series of motors such as the ai series 02xx and the emerging 22xx series of motors being fitted on CNC machine tools today with 0i-MF / 0i-TF / 35i controls, etc.

Fanuc Testing

When motors are sent into us for inspection we follow this procedure.

We visually inspect your FANUC motor for signs of liquid ingress, mechanical damage to the rotor, stator housing, near and end bearing housing, encoder and the end cap or fan. Assuming a problem is detected visually then we will deal with that before proceeding further. If not and the mechanical appearance is good, then we will MEGA the windings and do other tests (such as the brake releases if fitted). If the winding’s are down then we will advise. Otherwise we will look for electrical issues with the encoder / tacho / sensor, assuming nothing obvious then we will do a basic test with our feedback testing rig. If OK, then we put your motor(s) on one our rigs with the correct FANUC drive to suit the motor.

If the motor exhibits bad winding’s, encoder feedback, stiff or locked bearings, faulty brake, or damaged shaft then we will be in contact with options such as replacement, repair and rebuild, rewind, etc. Once works are carried out on your motor then it will be tested on the appropriate FANUC control and drive system to run it at various speeds, etc.

Common Reasons for Fanuc Motor Failures

FANUC motor repair turnaround

Obviously the quickest solution is to take an exchange assuming that its in stock and your motor is acceptable for our service exchange conditions. If no stock or looking for a solution on a non exchangeable motor such as regular motors we receive. Bad winding’s, bad sensor, bad bearings, damaged shaft then we will hopefully find a solution. Our turnaround is normally 24 hours on all motor repair work if winding’s are not an issue. If the motor has shorted winding’s then we will advise on quickest course of action. Either we have spare winding’s for your motor series or it will need to be rewound which is a 5-7 day turnaround.